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Today, for reasons I’ll explain later, we moved my office into here. #mydogismycoworkernow

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When you’re working from home, via video chats... you wear what you want below camera view. Hahaha. 🤷🏼‍♀️#quarantinefashunz #stayhomesavelives #werkwerkwerk #lovemyjob #mydogismycoworkernow

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My coworker rolled in leaves and then brought the dirt into my office #mycoworker #mydogismycoworker #mydogismycoworkernow

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DAY 14: she’s really nailed the whole “work” thing. A true natural. #mydogismycoworkernow

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That is NOT the actions of a supportive coworker LuLu!! #mydogismycoworkernow

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TiMe tEw pUt dAt PLate oN dEr fLOoR aNd dAt coMpuTer iN yEws LaP - wE boFf nEed tEw gEt tEW wERk biSh!! #mydogismycoworkernow #bossbish

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DAY 8: moved some furniture around to make Lu her own home office nook. She seems contented with the spot. She can see me, the kitchen and the living room. It’s no front door area, but it’ll work!! #mydogismycoworkernow

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Day 6: Lu starts taking her new role of “wORk suPerviSor” a bit too seriously...

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WFH day 2: Am missing people immensely, but grateful I get to work side by side with the best little being ever.

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So far Lu is enjoying self-quarantine. And I guess that’s what matters.

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Coworker for the week...

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Where I’d rather be right now. How can it only be Wednesday? I feel like this week has lasted a year already.

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