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1 year 10 months- Time it took me to become very little of what I want to be. This journey is gonna be very long, and not an easy one ! But now I have 500000 people backing me ! Thank you so much, Ek sapna Pura hua ❣ #500K

2 day ago
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Thug Talks. Ep 3, dropping soon. Addressing two imp topics. *All opinions are strictly PERSONAL* Let me know in comments what you would like me to talk about in the next episode.

12 day ago
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Sharing **MY OPINIONS** on the mentioned topics. "Thug Talks" Is back with another episode after a long time. Video drops at 11 am tomorrow 😇 #8bitThug #Thugwa #ThugArmy

17 day ago
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Thank you for 300k Insta Fam. Next stop 500K YT 😇

18 day ago
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** READ CAPTION ** Closing in on 300k Instagram followers and 500k YouTube followers. Life has been nothing but a ride since 2018. Animesh , jo zindagi main sif maze aur mauj chahta tha, maybe degree leke kuch 9-6 job, suit , boot aur gadi chahta tha, kabhi socha ni tha Duniya mujhe ek din 8bit Thug ke naam se jaanegi ! Zindagi main chahta toh bohot kuch hu, par shayad wo chize ab ni mil paegi, par ab bas, jab roz uth ta hu, toh aplogo ka pyar dekh ke, un chizo ko bhula jata hu ! Mujhe jaan ne wale, chahne wale aur ap sabhi ko ek baat batana chahunga, kitna bhi kuch bhi hojaye, jaisa hu waisa hi rahunga ! Support aur pyaar ke liye aabhar 🙏 Yahan nahi hota, agar ap sab nahi hote to 😇

20 day ago
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Bomb dropping soon! . . . #gamingsetup #gamingpc #mobilegaming #8bitThug

22 day ago
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How to escape death ? 😝😝😝 Upload your most funny "Fielding wale enemies clips" and Tag me, I will share the best ones. Ft . @ig_mortal and @8bit_goldy

33 day ago
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We know, we are into this TOGETHER ! Thanks for the amazing click @joynnjoy_thg

40 day ago
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1795000 (ROUNDED OFF) DONATED TO @give_india !! *ADD AMOUNT IN ALL 4 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT EMAILS* The amount has been split into various NGOS and will be used 1)To Provide PPEs to out healthcare workers working tirelessly and selfless across our country. 2)To provide food kits/ration kits to migrant workers and daily wage workers who have no means of livelihood. Believe me, Sukoon Mila Aj 😇 We did a great job everyone, but remember our fight does not stop here, keep donating where ever and whoever you can ! #GamersStandWithIndia

44 day ago
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Tied up with @letsgamenow to give you a chance to play against me in a custom room !! EASIEST OPPORTUNITY TO KILL THIS BOT 😂 VISIT THEIR WEBSITE NOW !

45 day ago
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#GamersStandWithIndia We created history. Thanks to everyone who tuned in to help me raise this amount for India's Fight Against Covid 19 ! I am proud of what we have achieved over the last two day !! All proceeds shall go to www.giveindia.org #8bitThug #IndianGamers #gamingcommunity

48 day ago

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