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Do you need football analysis? The correct address is here. #oddtarget

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Life behind the insta worthy content for micro influencer : You basically running a company by yourself; you got client’s email to reply, sharing your itinerary, following up about your deliverables.etc THE DAY of production: you are running wild to make sure you get the best content possible to match your client’s expectation. Ow yeah and more often than not: u’re basically a ONE man production team For example this content: - I put my drone in “PILOT mode” , - Praying it wont suddenly crashed - running towards @jessicalayarda for the “money shot” 00:21 - Then running back to my controller After all that, you need to put the finance hat and following up the invoice So yeah, whenever people say : ITS REALLY NICE THAT PEOPLE PAY YOU TO MAKE TRAVEL CONTENT. EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY My default response: SUREEEEEEE Note: we haven't talked about editing yet #HelloFrom Maldives

3 day ago
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In Instagram: such a #COUPLEGOALS #RELATIONSHIP GOALS The gruelling reality : - @jessicalayarda took two hours to get ready - i took 1 hour to pick the right spot and angle - we spent 15-30 minutes arguing which pose look the best FOR HER (don't let the photo fools you! she's HEAVY) and it only took 5 minutes to take the photos Some would say that's the "art" of being Instagram husband/bf? Choose wisely #HelloFrom Thailand

5 day ago
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Nothing beats ball in the middle of nowhere! I repeat NOTHING The nba playoffs are about to get interesting in the coming weeks! Who do you think will win it all? My heart says Mia but my brain says LAL(for the sake of entertainment) 📸drone master : @ninjarod #HelloFrom Philippines

10 day ago
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Hello I come from the future, it’s looking very bright in 2197. Good news: we have healthy fast food chain called Greenies Bad news: Tesla is still not a thing in Asia 🙃 All jokes aside, if U’ve been to Tokyo, you might pondering the same thought: how on earth everyone is so organized in this chaotic scene?! Especially in rush hour!! #HelloFrom Tokyo

12 day ago
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Put religion aside; how do y’all deal with being insignificant in this world? reality is neutral, it doesn’t care about your status,wealth,etc. Most of us will be gone in three generations and no one cares. Seems very dark for sunday thoughts right? #HelloFrom Maldives

17 day ago
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you guys might recognize this place: Tegalalang rice terrace Back in 2016 there were no one trying to take picture here to my knowledge: you could walk freely back then. Well not anymore, when i went back in 2018: the local there already asking money to get into their “area”. Why am i bringing this up? what do you think about people trying to make a living out of “instagrammable” spot? Does it bring commercialized feeling out of the “hidden gems? #HelloFrom Bali

19 day ago
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I think most of us would agree that we did take travel for granted. Moment like in this video was a blessing for us to witness in real-time. In the spirit of this kind of moments, we partnered with @kaiwatravel to bring travel alive through Virtual tour(via @semoothq). Today more than 50+ people participated in that trip for 5 FREAKING HOURS!! Big shoutout to the guide @fraulila for a fantastic day, it was refreshing to see switz again. Very engaging and entertaining!! Who's down to join in another trip with us? Where should we cover? #HelloFrom Switzerland

24 day ago
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I’ve been around some of the coolest airports in the world. But in terms of photogenic? Nothing beats jewel!!! Note: some people still don’t know this, you need to get out of the immigration to visit jewel. Speaking of airport, when realistically we can travel normally again? Discuss #HelloFrom Singapore

26 day ago
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I’ll be completely honest: I miss chasing sunset in the middle of nowhere. Who’s up to do some little adventure next week? Raja ampat anyone?

31 day ago
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Anyone else feels like they’re drowning in 2020? When exactly COVID-19 will end😔?! #HelloFrom Coron

33 day ago
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Paris’s morning? Yes please!! Just hit 100k in tiktok(less than 5 months) and here are my thoughts: Regardless of the politics and security issues, I think every brand should get on it ASAP This platform allows you to stand out even though u don’t have any following. Their algorithm is amazing for small content creator. I know reels are coming(in indo we don’t have it yet) but if u want real organic growth I think tiktok is the way to go(obviously if u have time u should do both). That’s my 2 cents on tiktok, what do you guys think? I heard reels sucks? Does the Microsoft acquisition of tiktok change the way u see it? Discuss!! #HelloFrom Paris

38 day ago
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I’m torn, seeing most of y’all IGS about how yall goin to travel soon At one end, It’s good for the tourism(/hospitality industry in general) to see some activities, so they can pick up their economies. At the other, it’s a pandemic right? Why would anyone sacrifice their life for a “leisure activities”? Even though I believe these travelers will be very cautious, but back to my point: it’s a pandemic???can it wait? Any thoughtful comments/solutions? Would love to hear it #HelloFrom China

40 day ago

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