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WRAITH —— Quite an unknown spider-man villain/anti-hero, but I really wanted to make her! I thought this might do justice. This is also how I would imagine her look in Insomniacs universe! Hope you guys like it! —— ORIGIN: Yuri Watanabe was a 20 year old detective for the city of New York. Her and Spider-Man became good partners after they discovered their good morals and eagerness to take down Chameleons gang. When the gang was finally arrested and thrown in prison, Yuri was relieved at first. Then, more and more gangs seemed to show up. Even a turf war rose up with Kingpin and Hammerhead, both battling for ownership over Hells Kitchen. Yuri had enough. The job put too much stress on her, so she left it and pursued a new line of career but due to her friendship with New York’s local webhead and being a past police officer, she became an enemy to many of Spider-Mans foes. One night, Yuri was personally attacked when the Vulture showed up at her home and tried killing her and her newborn child, which he had only succeeded half at. With her only child dead, Yuri strives for revenge. She became Wraith, a woman in constant turmoil, wishing for revenge against all those that have harmed her and New York. She and Spider-Man often team up, often fighting each other, but always ending in some kind of revelation.

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HOBGOBLIN —— A villain that has been requested many times to be in the Jackoverse! Well here he is! I’ve always thought that Hobgoblin was a ridiculous character, but upon making some silly Spidey villains cool, I feel I’m good enough to do this one. The glider is a retool of my Green Goblin Glider! Hope you guys like this one! —— ORIGIN: Ned Leeds was a journalist for the Daily Bugle, and married to his coworker, Betty Brant. After being together for 3 years, Betty divorced Ned Leeds due to their constant, everyday arguments and disagreements. Betty instead fell in love with Peter Parker, who had just lost his beloved Gwen Stacy. Ned was devastated. In spite, Ned used his journalist knowledge to dive deep into who Peter Parker was, discovering him to be the one and only Spider-Man. Ned wanted serious revenge, so he dressed up in a retooled version of one of Spider-Mans first foes, the Goblin. Even including a retool of the original glider. Now, he’s aiming to kill the bug-related hero.

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HYDRO-MAN —— During my break, I’ve had time to come up with some figures. I know this one isn’t that crazy, it’s quite simple, but I’m pretty happy with the editing job! I hope you guys like this one. —— ORIGIN: Morris Bench was a crewman on one of New York’s finest ships, and he was told to be one of the most helpful crewmen on the ship. That was true until Spider-Man came along. Morris and his teams ship were testing an experimental generator that could be powered by water (by Oscorp of course), when Spider-Man whizzed on by, accidentally bumping into Morris. Morris flipped over and fell right into the water below. When he awoke, he was nothing but pure water. Morris managed to control his powers for a minute, and went straight after the two who caused him to have these curses: Oscorp, and Spider-Man.

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DOORMAN —— Doorman! Not much to say here, a very basic figure with most of the ideas taken from the wonderful @thelegomaster04 ! This will also be my last post for a bit. I don’t know when I’ll come back to posting, I’ll most likely be gone for a week or so. Expect a LOT of posts coming after Christmas though! Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

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ORB —— Usually when I make a Jackoverse figure post, I don’t try to edit heavily. This is one of the heavy occasions where I have to edit to achieve exactly what I want with the figure, I’m not 100% happy with it, but I hope you guys like it! Here’s the Orb! The origin I’ve written is very different to his comic book counterpart, as I tried to make mine appear realistic. —— ORIGIN: Charlie Woods was born without a voice, and spent his entire life not being able to speak. Due to his deformity, Charlie’s parents abandoned him when he was a child and he was sold off to a freak show. Charlie was forced to eat pet food and sleep in cages. When he wasn’t doing shows, Charlie was forced to sexually please older gentlemen. Since he had no voice and no one around him, he couldn’t tell anyone. Charlie escaped this life when he was 16, hopping off the show train and landing in downtown New York where he grew up in the streets, eventually working for criminals so that he could sustain himself. Eventually, Charlie became a high level mercenary called the Orb based off of his unsettling state he would give to strangers. He started working for Daniel Ketch, aka the Ghost Rider. Due to a shootout that broke out, Charlie was left behind by Ketch and the rest of his gang, eventually getting shot in the face. Charlie was put into a coma, waking up 4 years after the event. Now he strives to take revenge on the ones who’ve abandoned him all his life.

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8-BALL —— After seeing @sandbluestuds’ amazing comic accurate 8-Ball, I thought I might throw mine into the Jackoverse and I’m very happy with how he turned out!! The head in the first slide is edited. —— ORIGIN: Jeff Hagees was a weapons designer at Hammer Industries, but to cope with his difficult job, Jeff went to alcoholism and gambling. This eventually caught up with Hagees, as Justin Hammer himself found out about this problem and fired Jeff immediately, fearing he was spilling Hammers secrets. Jeff went homeless shortly after, as the money he had saved up went straight to gambling. Jeff decided to break out of his sudden depression when he wanted to get revenge on Hammer. He stole from a local bank, using this money to create an identity that Hammer would instantly recognise as Jeff Hagees. Jeff put together a weaponised cue stick that had a propulsion system, and stomped out to find and destroy Justin Hammer. Fortunately Jeff’s rage was stopped when the New York locals webhead came and found Jeff Hagees breaking into a small Hammer Industries warehouse.

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MAGNETO —— Another fun villain revamp, here’s the White King of the Hellfire Club, Magneto! For this figure being almost entirely purist (only erasing the printing on the legs, the eyebrows and belt are edited) I’m really happy with it! Magneto is another one of my favourite Marvel villains so it’s always fun to mess with parts with him. Hope you like it! EDIT: Forgot to mention but this is inspired by @coeboy_customs’ fantastic Magneto that is worth checking out!

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DOCTOR DOOM —— Yes, another remake. To go along with my recent Fantastic Four, I attempted to remake my Doctor Doom to go along with them but with HEAVY editing. I edited the cyborg arms so that the top is dark green, as well as the cloth printing on the legs. The second slide I decided to heavily edit the head to show that classic scarred Doctor Doom look, which is way better looking than the burnt Anakin head. I also included a completely purist Doom before the incident.

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