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Do you need football analysis? The correct address is here. #oddtarget

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Any ideas on what Demi is laughing at? 😆

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What the heck are we standing here for guys? ~ Harry. . .Everyone else 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Wow! My birthday has lasted a whole week! Today was the last of by mini covid birthday parties with my peninsula squad. I even got more cake and all the Karen’s and the Kevin’s had a yummy lunch 😆~ Teddy

2 day ago
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We see you has a cheese samich. We have zero cheese samiches....🧀🥪 #sharingiscaring #catslikecheesetoo

4 day ago
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Its my 1st barkday 😆 Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I’ve had a pawsome week starting with meeting my brother @cedric.the.samoyed for a picnic at the park, then today I got to spend it with some of my favourite small hoomans. They gave me lots of snugs and helped me blow out my candle. And then I received a parcel from @tasha_samoyed (who’s Buttons litter sister) It was my very own BEAR!!! I love it. Rumor has it that I might get one more mini pawty on the weekend 😅😅😅🎁🎈

5 day ago
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Tomorrow Teddy and @cedric.the.samoyed turn one 😅 What a wonderful year it’s been full of fun and adventures with our gorgeous, goofy boy ❤️ ~Karen . . for licensing and usage, contact license@animalsinfluence.com or visit animalsinfluence.com

6 day ago
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Teddy has never had a relationship with the mud monster like Poppy. It’s very rare these days to see him dirty. In fact on walks, he goes around puddles so his feet don’t get wet 😂 Let’s hope he stays clean for 2 more sleeps until his birthday 😅

7 day ago
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3 more sleeps and teddy will be one. And he’s still cute as heck. Please enjoy 😅 Don’t forget to check out some snaps of Teddy’s pawty on stories.

8 day ago
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The Teds reunion happened you guys!!! Teddy and Cedric had a wonderful time together at their 1st birthday pawty. Although they aren’t officially one until Thursday, they got to have cake and were spoilt by their frens. The Teds loved seeing each other and got along sooo well although they were both super crazy and refused to have a nice photo together 😅 We will put some video of them on our stories, seeing each other for the first time ❤️

9 day ago
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It’s Teddy and Cedric’s reunion tomorrow at their mini pawty. Teddy is super excited to see Cedric again. Let’s hope they still want to be frens 😅 Teddy had a bath to look extra cute although he’s not convinced it was necessary. Karen disagreed 🤣

10 day ago
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Day 2 of sharing Our favourite videos of Teddy before he turns one next Thursday. The ted were just sooo cute 😆

11 day ago
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It’s Teddy’s 1st birthday countdown! One week to go 🙈 Karen isn’t quite ready for baby Teddy to be a big boy (even though he’s by far the biggest in the wolfpack) 😅 We will be sharing some of our favourite Teddy moments this week including his first birthday parties. (He’s having 2!). They aren’t going to be huge parties like we were hoping for. Due to quarantine and covid restrictions, we can only see a few doggos. On a positive note, Teddy will be celebrating with Little Ted!!! @cedric.the.samoyed. We can’t wait to see him again ❤️

12 day ago

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