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Do you need football analysis? The correct address is here. #oddtarget

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My ice queen 😁 More from this day in the stories!

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He is a dick. No really hear me out. He is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and in the breed description is “they are dicks” He gards, he is possessive, he is stubborn... They look at you like you are a moron. The only breed that can insult you with a look. But he loves fiercely. He is loyal. He is smart. And I love him. A deep love that words cannot express... Someone made a comment that pictures of him will be cherished when he is gone... The thing is... I cherish them now... they remind me how lucky I am to share this world with him.. They remind me how lucky I am that at 11 he is still braving the elements and climbing the mountains... It reminds me of that ticking clock...

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Ice ice baby! Because that’s what everyone does when they find a frozen lake. Right?! RIGHT?!?? I may or may not sang ice ice baby 😂

2 day ago
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It’s all fun and games until someone throws a snowball in your face 🥴 I kid...he does this to himself 😂

6 day ago
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He is a yes dog.. Wanna go hiking? Nemo: Omg best day ever!! Yes!! How about snuggle on the couch? Nemo: only if you will scratch my booty! Yes!!! That path looks a bit tricky and dangerous. You up for it? Nemo: with you anything!!! Yes!!!! How about rump through the snow? Nemo: you read my mind! Yes!!! We need to do maintenance on the pool, garden, house and cars. Wanna go? Nemo: most exciting day ever! Yes! Yes yes yes... he never says no.. ever... Everything is an opportunity... maybe not always the best one or the most exciting one...but you wouldn’t know without saying yes... I want to be a yes person.. Shonda Rhimes wrote a book about saying yes for a year.. and how many amazing opportunities it brought to her.. from Scandal to Grays Anatomy to Private Practice... all because she said yes.. So maybe 2021 will be a yes year for me... and along with this little curly black dog ... it will be our best year yet...

7 day ago
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I hope he knows how much I love him.. Despite him totally being over me and my shenanigans 🙃

8 day ago
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Camouflage mode engaged 😜

10 day ago
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Only a couple of more days and we will be in snow! So excite! Been a busy few days.. How are you guys doing? Happy New Year! 2020 it’s been nice... Don’t come back...I learned people really love their toilet paper... Interesting obsession.. 2021 the bar is pretty low so you better come through 😜 #snowdog #theobsessionisreal #dontmindme #iammakingsnowangels #orisitdogangels #happynewyear2021

12 day ago
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The light shines on our love... bright.. unwavering.... magnifying it... making it larger than life... it is a beacon to follow... a beacon that shows your way home... ————————————————————— Flashlight by the amazing @nebolights They offer a huge arrays of options including sizes, emergency kits etc #nebolights #flashlight #shadowphotography #darkphotography #moodygram #intothenight #letmebeyourlight #illuminatepossibilities #nebo

17 day ago
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Merry Christmas!!!! Nemos first Christmas with us! Swipe to see the glow up picture! Love and peace to all and don’t eat Santa’s cookies! Or eat them... I mean they are delish! 😜

21 day ago
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I didn’t want him at first.. There I said it.. Let me explain... in November of 2009 I had to make the most difficult, heart wrenching, soul crushing, life altering decision.. I had to say goodbye to my very first dog. I held him while he was euthanized... I felt his heart slow down... I felt him go limp... I felt his soul leave his body....and (because of the nature of the vet clinic where I worked at the time... ie hell) i had to put him in a black garbage bag (body bag) and carry him into the freezer by myself.. I was devastated. I screamed in my car by myself... I denied calls from Ben and my mom...They’re not going to understand what I just lost.. part of me left with him.. A couple of weeks had past... and I realized I couldn’t live without a dog.. You see food crumbs fell on the ground... and stayed there untouched... For the past 7 years up to that Nov of 2009, that has never happened before... food crumbs could barely reach the floor...and my heart sunk... again.. I started looking... shelters, rescues, pet finder etc... I looked everywhere.. I found a couple of dogs... but their descriptions just screamed trouble and work and I just wasn’t ready for it.. The next day... I was on the phone with Ben and he suggested a chessie.. More to humor him than anything else I started looking.. First Breeder that popped up , who also health tested,had an available pick of the the litter boy.. Reluctantly i agreed. When he first joined me... my heart was shut.. I felt guilt... I felt like I was trying to replace my old dog.. What I didn’t know is that Dylian was sent to me by my old friend.. little things made this clear.. The way he ran up to me full speed with his little head thrown backwards because it couldn’t keep up with the rest of his body.. The way he let me cry at 3 months holding still I burried my head in his fur.. The way he looked straight into my eyes as if to say: I know.. you are not alone.. And this morning as his cold nose presses against mine as he tells me good morning I know... I don’t have just one dog soul watching over me.. I have two... my earthly guardian angel...and the one on the rainbow bridge.. I am so lucky.

23 day ago
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Hey ma! What do you call cutting down a Christmas tree? What Jazz? Christmas chopping!!! Ahahahaha Oh Jasmine.. ____________________________ Are you guys done Christmas chopping? 😜

24 day ago

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