“Wit utan mått är människans största skatt” △⃒⃘

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Do you need football analysis? The correct address is here. #oddtarget

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min favorit 🌻

3 day ago
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Hedwig means fighter in Swedish. She has always deserved her name. 🤍

9 day ago
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🌱 för evigt växande 🌿

10 day ago
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Behöver fler äventyr ⛰

16 day ago
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Miss future engineer over here ♥️🤓📚 . . Been grinding my ass off this year! Next week this girl is graduating with her associates. Two more years and a bachelor degree? How in the hell did this happen, lol! I never thought I’d actually follow up with school. Massive respect to those who work full time and go to school, because damn it’s been hard! . . This year has been something else, but I sure am enjoying this crazy ride 🙃

19 day ago
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Swipe ➡️ for before and after (and after, after) . . Creating and decorating are so much fun! I think I have way too much fun with it 🤪 Here’s the latest project and I’m stoked with how it turned out 😌

20 day ago
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Gaslighting is such a difficult and confusing thing to live through. I spent years in an environment that never allowed me to flourish. Years of being told that I was always wrong, never deserving, I wasn’t smart enough, attractive enough or worthy of goals no matter what I did. It’s really hard to thrive in negativity. That became my mindset and so I was worthless and undeserving at that time. People really hurt others when they’re broken. It’s not your responsibility to be anyone’s punching bag. You do not deserve to be treated like anything less than the amazing, wonderful human you are. Getting out of that environment wasn’t my choice, but it was honestly the greatest gift. So many wonderful things happen when you believe in yourself ♥️

24 day ago
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She’s come a long way from being a little street raccoon. Glad this little dust bunny chose me 🤍

28 day ago
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I thought this year was going to be so, so different. In a million years I never thought I’d lose so much and have to rebuilt everything alone. It’s been a very confusing and heartbreaking 6 months, but I’ve worked so hard in so many ways. It takes a lot of courage to forgive people who purposely wanted to hurt you. It takes a lot to continue going when you want to give up. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished. Sometimes we have to lose it all to find ourselves. I hope anyone out there going through the same thing knows it does get better in time. Hang in there, keep going, be easy on yourself and keep smiling. You’ll be ok ♥️

32 day ago
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It's been a rough week for everyone. I hope you're doing ok and that you’re happy, healthy, hydrated and getting cuddles 💕

65 day ago
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Black. Lives. ALWAYS. Matter. 🤲🏿🤲🏾🤲🏽🤲🏼🤲

68 day ago
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🤍 H a p p i n e s s 🤍 . . I woke up so grateful this morning. These last 2 years have been extremely hard. Last year was a year I honestly didn’t think I was going to survive. So many awful things happened at once that I was totally overwhelmed. Starting from rock bottom and clawing my way back up was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I wanted to give up so many times and just say fuck it this is too much, but I kept going. I definitely understand my role in it and I spent the last 8 months with my head down focusing on my self with no distractions. I didn’t make it anyone else’s issue to fix me. And it’s been worth it, my life did a 180. A good friend told me the other day they were so happy I was back. I knew exactly what they meant 🙂 For once, in years, the future is so exciting, even though I have no idea what’s going to happen! There’s still tough times and hard days, and very bittersweet to be here especially when I wanted and thought life would be so different. Really could have done without being Thaosed off a cliff to get here 😆 but learning happiness is truly an inside job has changed everything. Also, I appreciate my wonderful and amazing friends and family that are always there when I need them. You guys know I love y’all soooo much! . . Truly just so, so grateful to be here 🤍

74 day ago

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