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Loves this always down for adventure pup ✨⁣ ⁣ Also! It’s gonna take me a minute to pick a winner of the Nikon Z6 camera fairly and randomly out of 5200 entries (!) but I’ll drop y’all a line when I do 😊

11 day ago
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We've joined team @NikonUSA (and I get to give away a Z6 camera!) Pumped to be shooting on their mirrorless Z system, it's the most exciting camera I've had my paws on. For the past 3 months it’s all I’ve been shooting on, actually all my posts here have been with the Z 7. Loving the ergonomics (fits my hands great), 45 megapixels (plenty to crop), and the right sized f/1.8 lens lineup Nikon has. AND the best part is I get to give away a brand new Nikon Z 6 camera kit to one of ya'll! It's a lovely camera and will be an incredible tool to create with. Creating images and sharing how you see the world is so important in this time of social distancing . So, if you're feeling stirred up to create we'd love to help make that happen. All you have to do enter is leave a comment below on an idea of project you'd love to shoot with this incredible camera! We'll pick a winner in one week! #ZCreator

13 day ago
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We bought a van! It’s red and doesn’t have a name yet. It’s a 2020 Transit AWD with the 3.5L EcoBoost, if you’re into knowing those sorts of things. I’ll geek out more below on why and how if you’re interested. ⁣ ⁣ Ain’t gonna lie it does seems like a wild time in the world to take on a $550/mo car payment. Trust me it felt funny buying a new van but grabbing 0% APR did make it easier. And the way I figure is a man still needs somewhere to live while he builds a house. So instead of paying for an apartment while I’m documenting the Montana house build I’ll live and travel in the red van. I had considered grabbing a cheap RV trailer but in the end I only wanna buy things I truly enjoy and love. This red van will easily become the long term adventure mobile. ⁣ ⁣ The biggest story I wanna share is you don’t need a perfectly outfitted $150,000 van to get out there and live it. You can get on Youtube and spend countless hours watching to only feel overwhelmed. It would be real easy to feel like if ya ain’t got a perfectly kitted tiny house on wheels with a subway tile backsplash and built in hot water you can’t do it. Those systems are neat and luxurious but you don’t *need* them. For the next few months I’m gonna be living out of my van full time starting only this $50 plywood platform I built in 2 hours. ⁣ ⁣ Over time I’ll build it out more but this is the beginning, the spot to start. I wanna go out there and live the one precious life we get instead of having paralysis from other folks having fancier rigs. ⁣ Why I got an Transit AWD instead of a Sprinter 4x4 or ProMaster feels important so here’s my quick run down. In some sense none are the wrong choices. This is just my take and reasoning, your mileage will vary. ⁣ ⁣ I ran out of caption space so check my comment below on why ✨

15 day ago
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Still ain’t sure if always carrying 5 gallons of extra fuel makes me more or less responsible? Plz vote below ⁣ ⁣ I’m voting less because I always seem to run out and I’m never too worried about it 🙈

21 day ago
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At 36 I didn’t think I’d be dirt bag camping in my truck towards a new dream out in Montana but it’s truly wonderful how little you need for the good moments ✨but hey don’t worry about us for too long cause there’s a shiny high roof Transit van waiting for us to land

23 day ago
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Bye Nashville! We’re all packed up and I don’t own a home or any furniture BUT I got bunk beds! Which I’ve totally always wanted. Honestly kinda excited for this dirt bag sleeping setup in the uhaul for our low impact journey out to Montana (sadly not Reno tbh). ⁣ Funny time to be selling houses and moving but all of this has been in play for a good while now + we are pretty much professional quarantiners. You know just in case anyone was worried.

26 day ago
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I ain’t been too sure how to write about this, maybe it’s ‘cause I feel like I’m letting all Southerns and even Wendell Berry down, or more likely it’s cause I’m still numb to it and only starting to feel typing these keys. But I sold the house we built in Nashville and we’re pointing West shortly. ⁣ ⁣ If happiness is the onset of the unexpected good then I gotta give thanks for this home. 4 years ago we built it on a forgotten acre in the city no one loved, on a street no one walked. But now years later I can stand on my porch and see new families walking their dogs every morning and sad houses get new roofs and become homes.⁣ ⁣ I ain’t trying to take credit for making this place better, I don’t have enough sense to make these decisions. Somehow, you just get led to where you’re supposed to be, if you’re willing to submit. ⁣ ⁣ The South is what made me and it is me. But even as a boy I never spoke of wanting to stay and take over my grandfathers farm. My mind was always off in the far West with John Wayne and the cactus.⁣ ⁣ I say all that so it will seem less odd or unrelatable for someone like me who has traveled relentlessly to talk about fear of leaving, I just didn’t want the South to feel like I abandoned it.

30 day ago
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No one does quarantine better 🐶

34 day ago
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We are frands

38 day ago
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Our fav boots @BlundstoneUSA are running a real nice 25% off sale on their website (link in bio) AND to send a little cheer towards those hurting in the restaurant/bar biz during COVID leave a comment below and I’ll randomly pick many as I can to send a thank you towards. Look out for that on my stories this tomorrow✨ #ad - It ain’t much but we’re grateful to get a little work right now and maybe it will help ya too! Oh and the boots really are jamming, fair deal if your feet are bare 😊

39 day ago
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It’s been neat photographing and telling the story of sharing a life with Maddie for the past decade. Some days it’s annoying to feel like I’m just focusing on cute, the sort of days when my ego is in control, that feels frustrating. But in higher moments of clarity I’m deeply grateful for her friendship and just wanna squeeze her ✨ she’s the sweetest

42 day ago
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Mornings are getting real slow around here ☕️

45 day ago

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