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..ℴ n a mission to steal your heart ❣️ mojo ▸ minpin | rana ▸ brindle | mateo ▸ tripaw #rescuedogs #handicapper #traveldogs ⠀ 🏡 germany 📝 our blog
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Do you need football analysis? The correct address is here. #oddtarget

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a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength but by the strength of his heart. 🧡 #lionbyheart

2 day ago
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what’s your favorite thing about fall? 🍂 for me it’s to cuddle all day long with my dogs under the blanket, a good book on my lap and a cup of warm tea 🍵 in my hands. #snuggleweather

5 day ago
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messy hair, don’t care. 💁🏽‍♀️ this is my daily life me: no make up and a messy bun. the tights full of hair. #loveiseveryhair - and with this I want to thank you all again for your love and support the last days. 🥰🧡

12 day ago
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i‘ll never LEAF 🍂 your side. #autumnvibes

13 day ago
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peek a boo 🍂 . we got a new camera 📸 and simply love it. after years with our canon we thought a little change won’t hurt so we now are team #sonyalpha 😎 two weeks left and we‘ll head to the harz mountains for a week, can’t wait for these days full of hikes and photography. 🧡 . wir sind seit kurzem stolze besitzer der #sonyalpha7iii und haben uns dazu das 85mm gekauft - jetzt stellen wir uns die frage, welches objektiv als nächstes gekauft wird. 💴 was ist euer lieblingsobjektiv? 😍 #hundeblog

17 day ago
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fall 🍁 in love #autumnvibes

20 day ago
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happy birthday mateo! can’t believe it’s his 2nd birthday today. 😭❤️ you‘re our superhero, our irondog, our idol. 🦸🏼🦾 mateo was found on a highway in trash with a missing paw, his belly full of worms. now you come along on our daily hikes. „from highway to heaven“, someone said one day - rafael & i and the dogs give our best for you to have the life you deserve. ❤️ #handicapper

23 day ago
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hello, I’m mojo and I’m smelling a treat here - may I have it? 🥺 #treatos . the dogs will be models for a photographer tomorrow. it will be unusual not to be the one to stand behind the camera. 😂📸 i am curious how the dogs will do! but since they are pro models, they’ll do great for sure. 💜 on sunday we will go hiking with friends 🥾- what are your plans for the weekend? . morgen dürfen die hunde mal vor einer anderen kamera stehen und ich bin gespannt, wie sie sich machen werden. 😌 sind hier eigentlich noch richtige hobbyfotografen unter euch? rafael und ich fotografieren jetzt fast seit 6 jahren als hobby und es macht immer noch sooo viel spaß - jetzt, wo der oktober vor der tür steht, kann ich es kaum erwarten, mich mal wieder so richtig kreativ auszuleben. 😍🎃

29 day ago
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happiness is the love of a brother. 🐶💜 #brotherfromanothermother

32 day ago
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confidence level: selfie with no filter. ✌🏼#bestfriends

38 day ago
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what i absolutely love about rana are her gorgeous eyes and her expressions. she‘s so photogenic - i‘m sure she was a model in her previous life. 💜 #flowerchild

40 day ago
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oh hello there, little friend 🦋 . this weekend I had work to do in cologne. of course the dogs came with me. 🚗 when I was already on the freeway, I realized that I had forgotten something very important: the dogs collars and leashes. 😀 (that was literally my face when I realized that) so I was on my way to a big city without things for the dogs. i immediately wrote a friend of mine and asked: „what can i use as a leash for the dogs?“ and she answered: „SHOELACES!“ 👟 #lmao luckily I still had the car harnesses and seat belts in the car, which I used as a leash. #fashionista so the question of the day: what would you use as a leash in an emergency? . der ausflug nach köln war herrlich anders. 😂 mein blick, als ich realisierte, dass ich halsband und leine für 3(!) hunde vergessen habe, war sicher unbezahlbar. als @trubelrudel mir dann die idee mit den schnürsenkeln als hundeleinen-ersatz gab, ratterte es in meinem hirn. 🧠 da fiel mir ein: DU HAST NOCH GESCHIRRE IM AUTO! und wie praktisch: diese hingen an sicherheitsgurten dran, die ich kurzerhand als leine umfunktioniert habe. 😂 #professional in meiner story an diesem tag habe ich schon herrliche ersatz-hundeleinen-ideen von euch bekommen, darunter: BH & ladekabel - na, kann die Idee jemand toppen? 😂💡#lebenmithund

41 day ago

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