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Do you need football analysis? The correct address is here. #oddtarget

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🎶 I knew you were truffle when you walked in 🎵 A truffle yellowtail scallion soy handroll 👌🏻 Yeah that’s a T Swift lyric because I’ve already used “everyday I’m trufflin” 😂😅

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It’s so rare that I won’t order carpaccio if it’s on the menu. Let’s pair that with some wine and we can toast to the parmesan 🥂

3 day ago
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Meet my little brother, Toby. He’s half Husky, half German Shepherd. We lost Charlie last year and my parents wanted a new son to raise. You can see him on MY son’s page @enzo.killmonger.

5 day ago
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Did y’all know that @tendergreens has a Salumi & Cheese Board for delivery? Literally perfect for when you absolutely do not want to leave the house and get individual items to create your own board. PLUS, the nuts are delicious! *pause* no seriously though, the spiced nuts. Trust me.

7 day ago
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This is my bae gal and I like her a lox. 🥯🐟 @canters_deli separates all the ingredients so you can DIY at home!

8 day ago
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Please don’t banh mi from making food puns all the time. Just come stand banh mi and we can make them together 😂 My favorite is chicken but now I’m beginning to love the meatball sub! 😛

13 day ago
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What is the most blessed seafood? Holy mackerel! ... I know y’all loved that joke 😅😂 but mackerel IN and OUT of the sushi roll is *chef’s kiss*. A strong fatty fish paired with scallions and ginger 🤪😋😛

14 day ago
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Not sure what’s fatter, this crab head butter or my dog’s neck 😂 We are going on more walks don’t worry. 🦀 How do you eat your crab head? Or do you not? Some people like adding butter. Some people mix it with noodles or eat it with bread. Canto-style means just using vinegar 🤪

19 day ago
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A certified winner for any occasion and holiday... especially since I love mozz & basil from my head to-ma-toes. 🍅😅 Caprese with Balsamic 😋

22 day ago
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Wagyu doing on this fine Christmas weekend? I had the pleasure of cooking up and trying this A5 Japanese Wagyu ribeye steak for dinner. THE MARBLING. SO TENDER. SO JUICY. Sliced through like buttaaahhh 🥩🇯🇵

23 day ago
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A little red velvet cupcake to put a smile on your face. I thought I would just eat half and share the other half... but... 🙃🙃🙃🧁 Oh yeah, it’s also gluten free 😱 @vanillabakeshop

27 day ago
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Its hard to find the Asian groceries I need at the markets near me. That's why I'm so glad there's a one-stop shop in WEEE! I've been craving Hot Pot for months during this pandemic and now I can have the best ingredients and flavors I need right at home. You can sign up now to enjoy $10 off your first order & free shipping over $35. @sayweee_official

30 day ago

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