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Do you need football analysis? The correct address is here. #oddtarget

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Just a Poison painting I wasn’t going to post but here I am. I had a lot of fun with this pose, and hehe the awful amounts of eyeliner was clearly a mistake,,,, 🙂 - - - #gerardway #partypoison #killjoys #digitalart #digitalpainting #mcr #mychemicalromance #dangerdays

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Happy Birthday Danger Days! In celebration for this wonderful album’s release anniversary, I thought I’d host a colouring page for you guys to get creative with! If you’d like to participate, please read below: - Details: 1. It’s NOT a competition, this is just for fun! - 2. Please use #vixcolouringpage and tag me when you post it, so I can see it! (I’ll be sharing your guys’ finished products on my story) - 3. PLEASE post the original line work with your colours! - 4. The link to the PDF and PNG is in my bio. Have fun! - P.S. It’s okay to add small details or cover up any sketch lines I may have left! Just DO NOT cover my signature or tag. Thank you! Good luck guys! If you have any questions, my dms are open. - - - - #gerardway #frankiero #dangerdays #killjoys #comic #colouringpage #vixcolouringpage #mcr #mychemicalromance #digitalart

2 day ago
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Just a study page 👌🏻 Decided to play with tinted grayscale and incredibly,,,difficult references. Study pages usually don’t take so long but this one killed me. Hfhdhdhd this is just Gerard with black hair appreciation. That is all 😔 - - - #gerardway #mcr #mychemicalromance #digitalart #digitalpainting #mcrart #studypage

8 day ago
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I made this a while back, but figured I’d release it in honour if issue 2 coming out! I haven’t read it yet but it looks verY eXciTinG. Yes this pose was very hard to draw but I enjoy making covers too much now 😔 - - - - #gerardway #nationalanthem #killjoys #comics #mcr #shaunsimon #digitalart #illustration

11 day ago
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Happy Birthday, Frank ✨ - Again, belated- but better late than never. This did indeed take me 4-5 days and I came up with a few lighting variations, that I’ll post on my story later. I hope all of you had a great Halloween! :D - - - #frankiero #gerardway #mcr #mychemicalromance #digitalart #digitalpainting #mcrart #halloween

23 day ago
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Happy Halloween!!! Askfhdjsk!!! Aka Franks birthday aKA Reunion Anniversary,,,here is psycho Gerard to feed your spooky souls :0 I might make some more art for reunion and things///who knows,,, for now, I am just gore and horror 😌✨ - Yeah he isn’t wearing pants what about it 👀 - - #gerardway #mcr #halloween #mychemicalromance #digitalart #digitalpainting

24 day ago
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Studying some domestic vibes, featuring many pencils™️. Gerard is most attractive in a relaxed and artistic element so I thought I’d play around with that a little. In other news I’m super psyched for Halloween!!Tell me what you want to do for the Reunion Anniversary down in the comments!! (I’m totally replaying the discography all day).😌✨ - - - #mcr #gerardway #mychemicalromance #digitalart #digitalpainting #domestic

25 day ago
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Happy belated birthday to The Black Parade! (Very,,,belated,,hghjkh) I drew this last night, while listening to Sleep and Wttbp!! The vibes on this album are unlike anything else in the vast expanse of music ,, and boy does it show. I would like to hear your favourite two songs off the album!! Mine are Sleep and Disenchanted,,the vocals (and small guitar hehe) are just too cool!! 🤗 - - - - #gerardway #wttbp #theblackparade #mcr #mychemicalromance #digitalart #digitalpainting

27 day ago
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Cillian Murphy studies (aka Thomas Shelby, if you’ve seen Peaky Blinders). I’ve been very sick lately and have had some time to watch the show, and it’s actually really well done both in performance and cinematography. I know this isn’t my usual content but I think it’s okay to divert every once in a while. He’s still a very pretty man 😌 And I enjoyed drawing him a lot ✨✨ - - - - #cillianmurphy #thomasshelby #tommyshelby #peakyblinders #digitalart #digitalpainting #netflix

32 day ago
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So I finished reading National Anthem a few days ago, and thought I’d make a cover just for fun. Which is what you see up there. The official covers by @leo_romero11 , @beckycloonan , and @prentler were amazing and it was actually really hard to choose. The writing, art, and composition in National Anthem is just about the best ive seen in any comic I’ve ever read. And I can’t wait for Issue two! - - - - #gerardway #shaunsimon #comicart #cover #digitalart #illustration #killjoys #nationalanthem #killjoysnationalanthem #beckycloonan

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